2020 British 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts – White Lion of Mortimer - peninsulahcap

Новый товар


Fine Weight: 1 t/oz (31.10g)

Gross Weight: 31.1035g

Diameter: 32.69mm

Fineness: 999.9

Carat: 24ct





$2,020.80 за 1 OZ


Queen Elizabeth II’s 1953 coronation, ten statues called The Queen’s Beasts stood guard at the entrance to Westminster Abbey. Each creature represented a strand of the young woman’s ancient royal heritage that passed to her on that historic day. In 2016, the Royal Mint reincarnated the ten royal guardians who stood guard that day in a beautiful new coin series called The Queen’s Beasts. Each new release explores one of these ten fantastical protectors and the centuries-old story they have to tell.

The 8th release in the Queen’s Beasts 10-coin series commemorates the White Lion of Mortimer. The White Lion was passed to Queen Elizabeth through Edward IV. Unlike the Lion of England, the While Lion of Mortimer is often depicted uncrowned. Each coin is intricately struck in 1 oz fine gold and bears a face value of 100 pounds backed by the British government. Add this stunning 8th coin in the Queen’s Beast series to your order today!