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2014 1 Ounce of the Horse UK Gold Coin



Fine Weight: 1.00

Gross Weight: 1.00

Diameter: 32.69mm

Fineness: 999.9

Carat: 24ct

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$1,732.80 por 1 OZ

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2014 1 OZ of the Horse UK Gold Coin

These are the very first legal tender Lunar coins struck for the United Kingdom and they begin an conducive to success series: The Shēngxià o Collection, named to honour the Chinese zodiac.

These coins benefit from being Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Free. Tax free coins are available to buy from Peninsula House Capital and these include Sovereigns, half Sovereigns and gold and silver Britannias.

Lunar Year of the Horse, 1 Ounce Fine Gold Coin, 2014 UK

- Limited edition coin - sold out at the mint

- Price inclusive of insured next day delivery

- Each 1oz Gold Lunar Horse contains one troy ounce (31.1035 grams) of 999.9 fine gold

Need to know:

Gold continues to be desired, as it has been for centuries, for both its beauty and value, these limited edition lunar coins are the perfect way to appreciate its precious qualities.

By purchasing UK coins eligible for CGT exemption you can avoid paying tax over the profit you make, the amount of this CGT free profit won't affect or decrease the limit of tax free profit on your other investments either.

The UK government assures the weight and purity of each coin it produces, these lunar coins are designed for mass storage and safe transit, providing exceptional convenience for all gold bullion coin buyers.

The price of lunar coins will closely track the gold price due to their pure gold content, these coins are limited mintage, highly recognisable and highly liquid, there will always be someone waiting to buy them from you when you are ready to sell.

This coin has now reached its maximum mintage and is sold out at the mint and nearly all dealers, we have a very limited last stock available. We would advise anyone wishing to collect the Lunar set to consider purchasing the first coins in the series as soon as possible before they sell out completely.